Lisa Burke Interiors create cool, stylish spaces for work and play

Lisa Burke Interior Design - Residential


Lisa has successfully designed livable homes that are both creative and stylish for a diverse client base in London. The majority of her clients are heavily involved in the music and fashion worlds. These homes are designed to be comfortable yet practical with a cool, contemporary feel that is synonymous with Lisa Burke Interiors.

Lisa Burke Interior Design - Commercial


Working with clients across a broad range of industries, Lisa has produced hip hangouts and workable spaces for various commercial projects including retail, restaurants and, more recently, a nail and beauty salon. Her extensive interior design knowledge means she can offer clients engaging, stylish and unique environments for work.

Lisa Burke Interior Design - Hospitality


Luxurious yet comfortable, Lisa designs every detail for your clients to have a an unforgettable stay. She creates such enchanting spaces that guests won’t want to leave their rooms! Lisa Burke Interiors deliver cool, arty and modern interior designs for private holiday guest houses and boutique hotels for those ultra hip holiday makers.