Seydou Keita in Paris

We decided to go to Paris to see the Seydou Keita exhibition at the Grand Palais and travelled over on the Eurostar.

We had discovered these stunning images quite some years ago and had always wanted to see them hung in an amazing space as previously we had only seen them in art books in gallery bookshops.

Keita's uncle had given him a Kodak Brownie in 1948 and from there he developed a keen interest in photography and set up his first studio in the family house in Bamako-Koura. He styled most of his subjects with clothes, jewellery and furniture and I think these images give you a fantastic insight into this time in Malinese society and Africa at a time of huge change and transition.


The Paris Metro stations have such cool designs, I LOVE the yellow smiley face chairs. 


Stunning image on the Africa copy of L'Insense magazine

Gorgeous pink tones in the gallery rooms 

Boy with bicycle is my favourite image of the whole collection    

Boy with bicycle is my favourite image of the whole collection 


The Grand Palais gardens, what an amazing building and such a great spot for breakfast.


Fantastic African fabric at the entrance to the exhibition 


Just like a wedding cake! 

The illustration in this book was so pretty. 


What a pair of cuties! 

Beautiful stained glass at Saint Jean de Montmartre church.